We’re talkin’ about practice!?!?

“How much you practice is not important.  What’s important is how often you practice.”
-Mr. K, philosopher and genius


Dear Parents,

Practice should be enjoyable.  After all, we commonly refer to practicing as “playing” an instrument, not “working” an instrument.  So, here are some thoughts about practice and how you can help your child be successful in band.  The following notes were adapted from The Musical Partnership (source unknown).

  1. Be patient. Remind your child, kindly but firmly, to do his daily practicing.  15 minutes will do - more is better, of course, but 15 minutes per day is enough for your child to be successful in band.
  2. Try to be sympathetic and understanding.  Some things in music are easily learned; others require intensive and repeated application.  Encourage your child to hang in there. 
  3. Create a musical atmosphere in the home. 
    1. Tune into interesting musical programs on television, radio, and the Internet. 
    2. Invite friends who play instruments into your home, and have them play for your child.
    3. Schedule a musical “play date” with another child in band. 
    4. Purchase recordings of prominent performers on your child’s instrument (ask Mr. K for suggestions). 
    5. Take your child to live musical performances.
    6. Listen to your child practice.
    7. Ask your child to prepare something to play for Grandma’s birthday.
  4. Provide appropriate practice conditions.
    1. Schedule a regular time for practice.
    2. Make sure your child has a quiet place to practice.
    3. Purchase a music stand for your child.  A folding metal music stand can be purchased for around $15.




Mr. Kalas